I had so much fun filming Andrea and Robert’s wedding in October!   Previously I had filmed both of Robert’s brother’s weddings and so it was amazing to see how the family has grown and meet all the new kids and babies that have arrived since I last saw them!   The Reception was at The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club which is stunning and was only overshadowed by how beautiful Andrea looked in her wedding dress!   Andrea and Robert – thank you soooo much for asking me to film your special day.   It was such an honor to be included in yet another Kubar wedding and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!  I had so much fun and I hope this sneak peek takes you back to that day!


I have been filming weddings for a long time.  And I thought I’d done it all…indoor, outdoor, fancy, casual, brides on tractors, fun surprise dances, you name it!  But Kevin and Christina managed a first for me when they decided to have HORSES at their Photo Shoot!  I was so excited!!  They were gorgeous but stubborn so we were limited in using them…but HORSES!!  Kevin and Christina thank you for allowing me to document your big day…I hope this Highlight video takes you right back!

Jessica is the AMAZING wedding coordinator at Carmens so there was little doubt that her wedding was going to WOW me.  I went into it knowing that – and I was still wowed!  Every detail was on point and she threw in a number of unexpected touches that really made the day her own.  Starting with the unique headpiece she wore and the beading on the back of her dress, a balloon release, confetti, fireworks and more.  The guests were then treated to multiple food stations at Carmens which was a really unique and flavorful experience.  I know many of us went back over and over!  Jessica and Greg – thank you for asking me to film your special day!  I was looking forward to it and you didn’t disappoint!  I hope this sneak peek reminds you of how fun your wedding was!

There was so much to love about this wedding.  The country chic barnyard reception – so summery and romantic.  That moment when her Dad pulled her close during their first dance.  The garter belt that has been handed down for generations.  The impromptu speech from Marianne’s brother that brought tears to everyone’s eyes.  The stolen glances from the couple all night.  The love.  So much love.  Marianne and Chris I hope you enjoy your sneak peek and the chance to relive all those moments.

This was my first New Year’s Eve wedding and I have been dying to get it edited and posted because it was really sooo much fun!!  But, and I stress this to clients when they book me, choosing songs can be REALLY difficult and it can often take people a long time so it  really is something to start thinking about once you decide to hire a videographer!  Regardless..the songs were chosen and I have really enjoyed sitting down and reliving parts of the day.  When I sat through the editing I was amused at how hard I was actually laughing at times in the video (the blooper reel is a killer!!) and when the dance floor footage flew past I found myself smiling at how much fun I had dancing with all the guests!  Andrew and Sam I can only hope that you enjoy watching this Highlight video as much as I did making it!

I think I almost had as much fun editing Lucy & Joe’s wedding as I did filming it!  I laughed and giggled at all the same parts.  I think the Blooper Reel will be a hit 😉  I also loved the moment when Lucy and Joe looked at each other during the Ceremony and simultaneously pushed their glasses up on their noses.  SO cute!  I melted watching it again!!  Lucy & Joe I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!  Your videos are on the way!

Katie was friends with a previous bride of mine and we hit it off immediately! So I was excited to film her wedding and see some familiar faces.  I always have fun when I am working but sometimes I have the good fortune of spending the day with some really fun people and Katie & Mike’s wedding party just so happened to be a lot of fun people!  It’s always fun to edit the footage and giggle all over again at some of the jokes being thrown around.  Katie…you looked amazing on your wedding day and I wish you and Mike a lifetime of happiness!